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Inspection Visit Program

I would firstly like say how very pleased we are that you are interested in participating in our Inspection Visit Program giving people the opportunity to not only visit one of our Royal Resorts in Bali or Goa and meet with an onsite representative to discuss the benefits of owning a membership with Royal Resorts, but also get to meet with other members and check out first hand the quality accommodation and level of service offered to those staying at our resorts.

As this is a Marketing program I am sure you can appreciate the Sales & Marketing Departments must ensure that whomever is offered space, whilst not being obligated to actually purchase a membership, is somebody whom they can reasonably expect to be in a position to not only make use of but also to afford the purchase of a membership. The following is a breakdown of qualifying criteria and Terms & Conditions for this program:

  1. The booking would be dependent on your attending a special presentation during your stay. This will take a minimum of 2 hours, and would be arranged by an onsite Holiday Consultant once you have checked into the resort.
  2. This offer is not dependent on your joining any Club, or buying anything. There is absolutely no obligation other then your attendance at a presentation.
  3. You may be required to swipe your credit card for a security deposit. Any damage or loss to the resort as a result of any actions you may take during your stay would be charged back to you. Your deposit would be returned on departure from the resort provided that the accommodation is in the same condition as was offered upon check in, and that there are no outstanding accounts.
  4. Please be advised taxes of Rs 100 per night would be payable against accommodation in Goa, and US$5 per night in Bali. These taxes are payable directly to the resorts, and are charged per apartment per night, not per person.
  5. Although this office may be able to arrange airport transfers, these are not provided free of charge.
  6. The following listed accommodation charges covers reservation of accommodation and any applicable administration fees. All other costs (travel, food, etc) would be payable. As Royal Exchange (REX) offers a range of inclusive packages & travel services please do request details on the same when confirming your reservation.
  7. Booking fees are non-refundable.
  8. Any alternations to confirmed bookings whether they be a change of name, location, dates etc. would have to be requested a minimum of 30 days prior to the check in date. A US$50 Rebooking Fee would be payable when requesting any changes to a confirmed booking.
  9. Should you wish to cancel your booking less than 30 days prior to the check in day, or do not arrive at the resort for the dates booked, any monies paid would be forfeited. In addition to which a US$75 Blockers Fee would automatically be processed against the payment details provided when confirming the reservation. Authorization for this payment would need to be provided when confirming your reservation.
  10. The Vacation Confirmation issued from REX would have to be presented upon check in along with photo ID (Passport or Drivers License). Should somebody other than those guests listed on the Confirmation arrive at the resort, or should you be unable to provide photo identification, you will be unable to check into the resort against this program.
  11. You may be accommodated in alternative equivalent standard accommodation should there for any reason not be an apartment available in the resort confirmed.
  12. This offer is not available for existing Royal Resorts members, staff of the Karma Royal Group or their immediate families.
  13. You must either be a married couple, or have been living together for at least 2 years. One partner must be between 30 and 65 years of age, and in full employment.

The following is a breakdown of the cost of accommodation against the above listed program:

Sari Segara Resort & Spa

US$299 for the first week in a Hotel Unit (sleeping two)
US$399 for a second week


Goodway Hotel

US$299 for the first week in a One-Bedroom apartment (sleeping two)
US$399 for a second week
US$499 for the first week in a Two-Bedroom apartment (sleeping four)
US$599 for a second week


Royal Bali Beach Club at Candidasa

US$199 for the first week in a Studio apartment (sleeping two)
US$299 for a second week
US$199 for the first week in a One-Bedroom apartment (sleeping four)
US$399 for a second week


Royal Goan Beach Club at Haathi Mahal

US$199 for the first week in a Hotel Unit (sleeping two)
US$299 for the second week


Royal Goan Beach Club at Royal Palms

US$199 for the first week in a One-Bedroom apartment (sleeping four)
US$399 for a second week

Should you be interested in submitting a request against this program you need only contact us with your details (name, address, E-mail, phone number etc) along with your reservation request (dates, location of interest & number of people wishing to travel) so as to enable us to check the availability on your behalf. Rest assured payment of any booking fees would only be processed upon confirmation of a reservation.

Alternatively, should you not meet the above Terms & Conditions, or simply do not wish to participate in this program, I am pleased to advise that we could offer great value discounted rental accommodation. If this is of interest you need only contact us.

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